Jarrid Wilson

Jarrid Wilson

Jarrid Wilson is a pastor, blogger and author whose motivation is to help others find their identity in Christ. In 2010 Jarrid helped assist a church plant in Orange County, CA and is now continuing his pursuit in sharing the hope of Jesus to the world. Jarrid is currently studying biblical studies and theology through Liberty University, and he plans to continue his education by obtaining a Master of Divinity. Using creative, outside-the-box perspectives, Jarrid is passionate about connecting God’s Word to the upcoming generation through relevant, yet challenging and pivotal messages. Speaking life and hope through social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and his blog, Jarrid is determined to use every avenue available to audaciously shout the truth of a loving and personal God.

30 Words

A Devotional For the Rest of Us

Jarrid Wilson

Each day you’ll focus on a single word about God and our relationship with him. Full of key verses to meditate on, as well as qu … Read More


What inspired you to write 30 Words?

I know this might sound a little cliche, but 30 Words was inspired by no one other than God. I remember lying awake one night and hearing this voice in my head tell me, "you should write a devotional." After arguing with myself for 20-30 minutes, I realized I didn't have to be some theological genius to write how God has moved in my life. God gave me individual experiences that can be used to reach others in a way that maybe no one else can.

What is the biggest issue facing Christianity today?

Our obsession with catering to ourselves, when the reality of the Gospel is to abandon ourselves. We are too self-absorbed to realize we are hurting.

Why did you decide to write a devotional?

I wrote 30 Words for myself as much as I did for others. All throughout my life I've struggled with staying consistent in my walk with God. Although I place my relationship with God above anything else in my life, there is a constant battle for my worship every day I wake up.

Your book is a devotional based on 30 words that encompass Jesus. What is the one word that for you defines Jesus?


Why did you decide to publish with Kirkdale Press?

The main thing that drew me to Kirkdale was the family aspect they bring to the publishing world. They didn't treat me like another artist on a shelf, but instead they showed value and support towards my future in writing.

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